Windows 7: Persistent Storage of Login Credentials for Samba Shares

I have a Windows 7 installation running in a VMware virtual machine. Within Windows, I mounted a network drive pointing to a Samba share within our local network, which is secured by username/password. However, although I told Windows several times to remember my login credentials (username/password) when it asked for them, Windows stored them only for the current session. This can be seen using Windows’ credential manager (Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\Credential Manager). Therefore, the data was lost after each reboot and I had to enter them again.

There is a simple (but strange) solution to this problem: Instead of entering just your username when asked for, enter SERVERNAME\USERNAME. Adding the server name as “remote domain” makes Windows think that you are located within a “trustworthy” enterprise environment. Then, your login credentials are stored persistently, thus surviving reboots. Thanks to Microsoft for this intuitive mechanism.

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3 Responses to Windows 7: Persistent Storage of Login Credentials for Samba Shares

  1. Jorgen says:

    Thanx man! It worked. What i was looking for.

  2. Raichea says:

    My thanks too… I’ve been having problems with my Samba shares being accessed with root access… turned out Windows had stored the Admin credentials, which were being used instead of the user account details.

  3. John S says:

    This is a little late but your advice is very much appreciated. The forums are full of comments about problems connecting to a DNS-323 NAS box (dlink) and the inability of Windows 7 to store persistent credentials. Modifying group policy was useless. Yours was the only proper solution. Many thanks and congratulations.

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